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The Islander, Inishmore

The Islander, Inishmore
A remarkable face in a very remote place, Inishmore off the west coast of Ireland.
When you think of the Aran Islands, three things come to mind, wild rugged and beautiful.
I photographed this man on Inishmore, one of Ireland's Aran Islands which sits at the mouth of Galway Bay and is known for ancient sites, like the prehistoric, clifftop fort Dún Aonghasa & The medieval Christian ruins of the Seven Churches.
It is an Irish speaking area (Gaeltacht) with a population of approximately 750.The people of Inishmore historically self sufficient survived through fishing, kelp making, spinning & weaving. The sea around the Aran Islands can be fierce & cruel and the men here are skilled fishermen & boatmen fishing out of Currachs.
There is a lot in the culture and History in the Aran Islands. They have produced wonderful writers, poets, have a unique style of singing (shanous singing), speak the Irish language with a particular dialect. They have set dancers some of them particularly unique to the Aran Islands and also developed various crafts, Aran Knitwear, Baron playing.
The Island is laced throughout with stone walls and many of the men are expert in the art of dry wall construction.
The Islander, Inishmore